Vogel Craft Co.

Vogel Craft Co. is the direct result of years of work of Mr. & Mrs. Vogel to build Social Media Relations for personal and professional use that has led to the ability to pinpoint imagery and context to create engaging content and a strong followership. Mr. Vogel’s passion for photography brings out the best light for professional looks for business and personal profiles. Photo-Graphy can create lasting memories and showcase moments that matter everyday. Mrs. Vogel’s knack for creativity and research highlights specific details for content to be relevant and engaging to the audience. Knits & Bits uses creativity and artistry to develop handmade and custom projects and patterns.

Vogel Craft Co. showcases Photo-Graphy and Knits & Bits, among other Personal and Professional profiles, for content and promotion.  In addition, Vogel Craft Co. offers Social Media Consulting services for both businesses and individuals looking for a way to bring their brand into the digital age of social media and draw in more followers to their existing base.

  • Artists
  • Digital Content Creation
  • Professional Photography
  • Social Media Consultants
  • Bloggers

Vogel Craft Co. is available for free consultation of it’s Social Media Management and any questions you may have. Please use our Contact form below.


Mr. & Mrs. Vogel, 2018
Social Media Managers, Bloggers, Artists